Saturday, 8 February 2014

What makes a KOOL Pencil Case??

Once upon a time, there was a pencil case… but it wasn’t just any Pencil Case it was a Kool Pencil Case that had not only functional but funky stuff inside of it & the students and Teacher’s all lived happily ever after!  The End.
Here at 2Kool4Skool we feel that having a cool pencil case is important, not to be ‘trendy’ or ‘fit in’ but in order to express oneself in an environment that can sometimes be quite uniform.  The Pencil Case really is one area that kids can individualise and make their own, particularly with so many cool stationary choices out there these days!  Gone are the days when Pencil Cases were better hidden in desks, todays pencil cases are out there and proud!  And their contents are even cooler!   Pencils, pens, erasers, scissors, rulers, sharpeners and coloured pens/pencils, need not be boring!  Show off your style by choosing from a wide variety of designs, colours and even scents!  Yes, smelly stationary, it is AWESOME!!  Have you ever smelled a pen that smelled just like popcorn? , I have, why would I ever go back to a basic blue ball point?  It just doesn’t make sense!  And neither does a boring pencil case, not when 2Kool4Skool makes it so easy to have a Pencil Case that ROCKS!

We have a wide range of Pencil Cases that are not only funky but functional, with plenty of room for lots of accessories, starting at just a low $4.95 for our Mr Moustache Pencil Case there is bound to be something for everyone’s taste.  Once you have picked the perfect Pencil Case for your outer expression you have to focus on filling it with the cool goodies, something kids are all too good at! Choose products that the kids will love, it will help them take ownership of their belongings and they will be less likely to lose it… I know I wouldn’t be letting my Smart phone eraser or my Scented ruler out of my sight!  Choose products that reflect your child’s personality and overall choose products that are great quality (wink wink, nudge nudge!)

So we know it’s cool to have a KOOL pencil case, so we took to the word on the street by interviewing  kids closest to the source a 12 and an 8 year old to see what they thought made up a COOL pencil case! Here is what they had to say.

Miss 12 – Grade 8 2014
“I love having a cool pencil case because all of my friends ask me where I bought my stuff & I like to look at it on my desk.  It’s not boring.  If I made up a pencil case from 2kool4skool I would definitely want some super cool rainbow gel pens and the neon bright’s markers, they would brighten up my pencil case with their cool colours.  I love the smart phone sharpeners and the lipstick pen.  The grape ruler catches my eye and the bubble gum scented pen is definitely my style.  The carnival wheel eraser with its 6 scented rubbers would be one of my first choices and the love charm pencil set is very unique with the dangly love hearts.  The erasable mechanical crayons and the sweeteez scented highlighters are an awesome stationary product.  The pencil case I would put all of these cute things in would be a floral gym boot pencil case and the lips and vinyl satchel pencil case which would give me lots of room for plenty more cool stuff!"

 Mr 8 – Grade 4 2014
"Yeah I like having a cool pencil case because I get to use the things in it for school and for drawing. In my pencil case I would like things from 2Kool4Skool like yummy scented markers, I think they are awesome because I like using scented things so all of my pictures are scented too. I would also like the popcorn scented pen because I could smell popcorn when I was writing.  I would also like the happy vitamin pens because I think they are very cool.  I also like all of the Mr Moustache things.  The pencil case I would put all of this in is the red gym boot pencil case!  "

 So there you have it, it’s cool to have a KOOL pencil case and what’s more 2Kool4Skool makes it easy to put the cool in school so check out our website today!

Why Cover School Books?

I was reading one of my favourite blogs Mamamia in late January this year when to my horror I was confronted with this headline: “FACT: There is no need to cover school books”.  I was mortified. “What do you mean?  Has the woman writing this ridiculous blog never had children? Strangely there were women agreeing with her.  I had so many reasons why we should cover school book that I wanted to set them out in dot points in a comment on the blog. But owning a school book cover business.....  this would look a little obvious.
Now of course I wasn’t the first one to invent school book covering. We have been covering our books for decades with newspaper, brown paper, wrapping paper then covered in clear plastic, posters, kitchen contact and now finally the brilliant invention of PVC slip-on school book covers. So why cover school books? 2 real reasons: Protection & Individuality.
Covering your school books keeps them safe from the old apple or banana which has made its way to the corner of your child’s school bag and is now squishing itself against the contents of the school bag. It won’t protect them completely but at least the book will still be salvageable from the drink bottle or chocolate milk spill. My  own children’s books have returned home from a year of “hard labour” with books relatively intact and with covers that, with a wipe down with a baby wipe,  will be ready to use again next year. I wonder how the uncovered exercise books held up and I wonder at what point during the year they were needed to be replaced.
The other reason to cover your books is for self-expression, showing your style, having your books look different to others so that they are easily identifiable as yours.  I have had mothers ring me before school last year telling me that their sons (yes sons) kept going to get their newly covered school books just to look at them and then put them back in their bag. If covering your books can get your kids excited about school then I’m all for it!
So let’s make it known, and we’ll shout it from the roof tops - that we believe that
FACT: There are many great reasons to cover school books – and how great when you can do it with fun and easy slip on school book covers from 2 Kool 4 Skool.